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Juju hats have been used for years in residential, hotel and commercial projects. Many of us have come across them, but many people are still unaware of the origins of juju hat which are traditional African hats!

Incorporating a juju hat into a design was a hot trend a few years ago, but this trend is making a comeback. Is this just a comeback trend or a timeless piece? Either way, we love the way they add texture to a space.

We tell you more.

1. What does the Juju Hat symbolize?

Juju hats are a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. Made from feathers and wicker, juju hats also symbolize the purity of life and the beauty of birds.

These headdresses originated in West Cameroon, in the Bamileke kingdom, and are traditionally worn by royalty and other high-ranking members of society during festivals and ceremonies.


2. Where can I find authentic Juju Hats?

It takes several weeks for several artisans to make an authentic hat, with the intricate placement of each feather folded into place. Prices vary depending on size, quality and authenticity. There are also beautiful artificial hats available for sale at low prices.