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Bouquet of serenity

The gaze is focused on admiring the scarlet hues, the saffron fusions that elegantly charm the horizon. In silence, luxuriant and fluffy clouds float. Bouquet of magnetic field.

Protection fetish

Fetish of hope and good fortune in a fantasy-written spell. Not steel daggers lying in wait beyond the forest. I hope you'll believe me and that I never meant to hurt you.

juju hat bamiléké authentic

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Our gift store

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Where to buy a juju hat? How to make a juju hat? 


Colored rain

The emblematic universe of the Karioska boutique, a rain of authentic juju hats, a rain of colorful inspiration, symbol of good fortune. 

Kalaba Toy

I am the bud held back by its pretensions, crushed by its ego. I emerge through the snow to seek the sun. I am the one who could charm him with my flower.

Must-have items

The emblematic universe of Karioska brand with colorful inspirations. It is often the simplest things in life that make us happiest and a rainbow is one of them.

Inspo deco

In need of inspiration, browse through the photo galleries where crafts, contemporary, ethnic and bohemian are combined.

Feedback from our customers

Delivery within the announced time, very nicely packaged and protected item. The Juju hat is excellently made and really beautiful!!! 😍😍😍


I was a little hesitant to buy the red beaded head directly online. But what a nice surprise when I received it, it is true to the picture and I would say even more beautiful in real! Nice surprise with the very neat packaging! I found the perfect gift store. Thank you

Annie Patron

This is the 2nd time I've bought a juju and I can say that the quality of your products is far superior! Beautifully crafted and with attention to detail. It's perfect for my daughter's room and she is thrilled with her gift 🙂